Build an exceptional customer service culture in your organisation to win loyal customers for a lifetime

«Today’s clients have unlimited choices to buy the products or services they desire. In this highly competitive environment, organizations cannot succeed by adding value to their customers only – they must offer them a unique buying experience that will make them want to buy again and again and, above all, almost never think of turning elsewhere.»

The Customer Service Training Institute

Customer Service Rep


Showing empathy to your customers' needs

There is a big gap between what we think our customers want and what they really want. Often our customers' expectations are emotional and this is not always obvious. The faster we understand and meet their real expectations, the more our chances to win loyal customers.

Furthermore, if we can exceed their expectations by a meagre 5%, in their eyes we appear to be 100% better than our competitors. It takes time to build a long-lasting relationship of trust with a customer but only five minutes to destroy it. So, if we can measure customer satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 5, then those customers with a 4, even though very satisfied, are 6 times more likely to turn to other suppliers than the ones with a 5.

The view that our "loyal customers will remain loyal" is no longer valid. On the contrary, clients, who turned elsewhere, are highly likely to remain loyal to their new choices.  


What customer service means

  • Seven definitions of customer service 

  • The customer service equation

  • Products, processes, people: Perfect balance for excellent results

  • Positive attitude towards the customer

Who are our customers

  • Internal customers and how to build relationships of trust

  • Types of external customers and the customer service process

  • Moments of truth and how to discover them

  • Closing the gap of customer expectations: The SERVQUAL model

Communication and excellent customer service

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence skills for customer service excellence

  • Dealing with customer complaints in an empathic way

  • Dealing with difficult customers while keeping our emotional balance 

Cross-selling and upselling techniques

  • Turning a customer complaint into an opportunity 

  • Understanding your customers' needs to know how far you can go to sell more 

  • Cross-selling and upselling by applying your persuasive skills 

Workshop Specifics

Duration: 2 - day workshop (16 hours or time-phased) 

Included in the workshop: Your personal communication profile, your conflict management profile, trainee manuals and certificates of participation