How to pull down distance barriers and achieve common strategic objectives

Leading virtual teams has always been a challenge. Whether it is the distance that separates the members of the team, cultural differences and often conflicting expectations and needs, leaders have to ensure all members are aligned with the common purpose.

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Master the communication and collaboration tools to lead your virtual team effectively

Virtual working teams tend to be the normal way of working across the globe today. For the leaders of virtual teams, the challenge is how to effectively lead from a distance, understand cultural diversity, and deliver results across international business environments.

Successful virtual leaders build and maintain virtual teams that work collaboratively towards a shared vision. They also know how to get the best out of the members of their virtual teams even though they rarely meet with them in person. 

Above all, they inspire and engage their virtual teams by managing effectively the challenges and opportunities of distance and cultural differences. 



  • Understanding the differences between virtual working and traditional working

  • Myths and realities of high performing virtual teams 

  • Assessing the skills of successful virtual leaders

Effective leadership in the virtual world

  • Tips and tools to overcome the challenges of working in virtual teams

  • Dealing with the challenges of distance to maintain trust among virtual team members 

  • Appealing to the needs of virtual teams

Building and maintaining virtual teams

  • Putting the right people in the right positions

  • Managing key relationships to avoid conflict and ensure alignment

  • Understanding and appealing to the needs and priorities of stakeholders

  • Organising and running effective virtual team meetings

Managing diversity

  • Understanding and dealing with cross-cultural differences

  • Mastering cross-cultural communications and negotiations 

  • Handling cross-cultural conflict

  • Managing talent in virtual teams 

Personal development plan

  • Developing proactive leadership skills 

  • Setting management priorities suitable to lead virtual teams 

  • Building your virtual leadership brand 

Workshop Specifics

Duration: 2 - day workshop (16 hours or time-phased) 

Included in the workshop: Your virtual leadership profile, trainee manuals and certificates of participation