Let Your Story Be Heard

The spotlight will be on you!

Join us in this unique, provocative, 2-day workshop to learn how to create impactful messages, exert positive influence on others and boost your confidence in front of any audience through stories that speak to their hearts.

Typewriter Keys
What makes storytelling so necessary today!
  • People are bored listening to data and information only-but when we present them in the context of a story, they are much more memorable
  • Stories create meaning-they associate people with their own experiences, and we are seen by them as authentic and reliable
  • Stories trigger our emotions-almost 95% of the decisions we make are made unconsciously
  • So, persuading others to take action is more emotional than rational. 
Here's what we cover!
  • Why stories matter today
  • Why stories stay in our minds-evidence from neuroscience
  • How to craft a great story-techniques that sell
  • Storytelling to sell products and services
  • Storytelling to engage and motivate others
  • Storytelling to build a credible professional image