Master the art of presenting to your audience with confidence and credibility

Win your audience by applying proven public speaking techniques that make a difference. 

Appeal to all kinds of audiences by projecting the image of a talented communicator 

Convey your messages clearly, using words tone of voice and body language in a professional way

Team Talk


Why do people fear public exposure?

For many people, speaking in front of an audience is their worst nightmare! The fear of exposure, of facing an indifferent or even hostile audience, makes them hate the time they have to do a presentation in public.

Quite a few people believe that good presenters are born, not made. Even though this could be true when we think of charismatic presenters in all walks of life, none of them has ever made it to the top without good preparation, a rehearsal and, most importantly, having the needs of their audiences in mind!

So, no matter if you feel butterflies in your stomach a few minutes before you are about to present or you just can’t wait to appear in front of your audience, there are specific tools and techniques you can learn to use that will make you a great presenter either way!


Create a positive impression at first sight

  • See where you are today as a presenter and where you want to be after the seminar 

  • Win your audience in the first 7 seconds of your contact with them 

  • Introduce yourself and/or your company in a credible way 

  • Project a powerful professional image

Appeal to your audience with credibility 

  • Communicate with your audience (Internal or External) in a convincing way 

  • Talk about your products or services with facts and benefits, relevant to your audience

  • Project an enthusiastic image of a person, who is proud of their job and their company

  • Apply the elevator pitch technique to boost your self - esteem

Present to different audiences

  • Present complicated information in a simple and understandable way 

  • Respond to the needs and level of knowledge of your audience 

  • Develop a relationship of trust with your audience 

Achieve breakthrough performance

  • Become a skilful presenter, who combines words, voice and body language in harmony

  • Give life to your presentation 

  • Achieve breakthrough performance in presenting convincingly

Motivate your audience

  • Present your products or services in a convincing way 

  • Motivate your audience to move to the next step 

  • Support your arguments with undeniable evidence 

  • Communicate in a precise, convincing and quick way

Master the art of storytelling

  • Inspire your audience through engaging and memorable stories  

  • Appeal to the noblest emotions of your audience

Stress Management Techniques

  • Apply proven techniques to overcome the fear of public exposure

  • Increase your self-confidence and assertiveness


Workshop Specifics

Duration: 2 - day workshop (16 hours or time-phased) - 2 facilitators included in the workshop 

All participants' presentations (5-6 per participant) are video recorded. Each participant receives 'just-in-time' 1on1 coaching for each presentation by our experienced 'review room' coach/facilitator. Your personal presentations with individual feedback/tips for improvement