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The Academy is ideal for sales professionals and their managers, who want to build on their strengths and reach top levels of performance in sales and customer service. Designed and delivered by experienced professional trainers, the Academy offers state-of-the-art training and development workshops, delivered in a modular scheme. Drawing from our participants' experience in the field, we set challenging goals for improvement in an engaging and highly interactive environment. Oh, and one last thing...this is not an academic program; it is a hands-on, skills-building, sales and customer service performance booster!

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What makes good sales and customer service people today?

Evidence from top-performing salespeople across the globe has shown that the modern salesperson is characterised by: 

1. Modesty and humility - you are no longer the focal point; instead, you position your team that will help you win an account at the centre.

2. Conscientiousness - you take command of the sales process so that you control your destiny.

3. Results-focused - you develop customer-driven strategies that align your products to their needs, instead of talking about the functionalities of your products.

4. Curiosity - you ask your customers challenging questions to close information gaps and gain interesting insights for win-win solutions.

5. Professional Relationships - you keep the right distance with your customers to ensure they follow your recommendations and advice and they don't take advantage of a friendly relationship.

6. Positive mindset - you are able to handle emotional disappointments, learn from failures and be open to change and the challenges that go with it.

7. Aggressiveness - you are action-oriented and feel comfortable fighting for your cause. 


A Modular Program Tailored To Your Sales Team's Needs

Module 1: Sales and Customer Service Winning Skills (2 days)

  • Breakthrough Sales Fundamentals

  • Winning Customer Sales Strategies 

  • Sales Negotiation Skills for Win-Win Results

Module 2: Sales and Customer Service Advanced Skills (3 days)

  • Emotional Selling 

  • Developing Key Account Strategies

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson

Module 3: Sales and Customer Service Advanced Skills for Leaders (7 days)

  • Strategic Management 

  • Brand Management Strategies 

  • Coaching Sales Teams for Top Performace


Ludmila Lytkina - Sales and Customer Service Academy Manager


2017 University of New York in Prague, Strategic Management, Global Marketing & Brand Management Professor 

2017 Poli Consulting, Business, Marketing and Sales Consultant for CIS and Baltics 

2015 Independent Marketing Consultant

2014 AVT Business School, Executive MBA 

2011 Marketing Director, Lidskoe Pivo (OLVI Group) Finland & Baltics 

2009 Independent Brand Consultant & Trainer, Belarus- Founder of The School of Brand Management Young & Rubicam, Kiev, New Business Strategy Director

2003 Synovate Global Market Research Company, New Business Development Director, Ukraine & Belarus 

2001 Belarusian Economic University 

Indicative Clients in Training and Consultancy: LG, Danone, Erste Bank, SMK, AIS, Automotive, Megasport, Ferrero, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nokia

Areas of expertise: Brand Management, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Management, Product Development, PR, Project Management, Coaching

Martin Bednar


2017 Kirkpatrick Bronze Certification

2016 Hypnosis Fundamentals, Richard Bandler

2012 Master Trainer in NLP, NLP University, Sta Cruz U.S.A. 

2009 MQ Development - Positive Psychology - Facilitator Certification

2009 Trainer of NLP, with John Seymour, U.K.

2007 AD FONTE - Coach and Trainer 

2001 Citibank - Vice-President, Customer Service Head 

1999 GE Capital - Integration Project Manager 

1996 Citibank - Relationship Manager 

1994 Westdeutsche Landesbank - Analyst in Prague and Dusseldorf

1994 MBA degree at the University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. 

1992 United Distillers - Started sales of a newly established sub in the Czech Republic ​

Indicative clients in training and consultancy: Linde/Gist, Kathrein, Pepperl+Fuchs, Henkel 

Areas of expertise: Sales, Conflict Management, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Communication Skills, Change Management, Motivation, Personal Development, Coaching

Sotiris Karagiannis


2017 Graduate Business Programs Director, University of New York in Prague

2015 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Strategy-Analysis Evaluation Lecturer

2009 Potential Training-Development-Consultancy, Managing Partner, Senior Trainer 

2006 Dale Carnegie Training, Greece, General Manager and certified trainer

2000 University of Strathclyde, MBA

1990 Lesley University, Master of Education 

1985 PAGE Foundation College, Managing Partner, Education Consultant

1980 Hellenic Shipyards, Personel Management Specialist 

Indicative clients in training and consultancy: Astra-Zeneca, Amgen, Bayer, i-square (Apple distributor), Jansenn, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, Mondelez, JTI, Abbott, Swarovski, Novartis, Roche, Coca - Cola HBC, Oracle, TUI, 3M, Pipelife, Elbisco, Zito-Luks

Areas of Expertise: Sales and Customer Service, Negotiations, Presentation Skills, Leadership, Change Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Strategic Management, Culture Change, Coaching

Carlos Davidovic


2016 University of New York in Prague, Professor of Neuromarketing 

2013 Optimum Talent, Executive Coach

2003 MRC International, Partner Director, coaching and leadership programs

2000 Gentron Ltd, CEO Biotech company 

1998 Parmacia Corporation USA (Pfizer)

1990 Hoffman-La Roche Biotech Business Unit Head 

1990 Business School Lausanne, MBA

1978 Medica Degree, School of Medicine, Argentina Psychology, Clinical Psychopathology, University of Barcelona Spain 

EMCC: European Mentoring and Coaching Council Certification 

Indicative clients in training and consultancy: Telefonica Spain, O2 Czech Republic, Mazda, Louis-Vuitton, Hoffman-La Roche

Areas of Expertise: Neuroleadership, Neuromarketing, individual and group coaching, strategic planning, marketing and sales