Selling in Turbulent Times

The selling process starts when the client says "No!" Dealing with clients' concerns and objections requires a winning mindset that all ambitious salespeople must possess in these turbulent times. No matter how great our products or services are, our clients won't buy them unless they can clearly see the value they get from us-it's all a matter of what we sell and what the really client buys!

In this two-day, interactive workshop, we will help you find out how you can reach -and why not exceed- your sales targets by following winning strategies that are easy to use and are fully customized to your products or services.  

Salesperson with car outside

Value-based Selling in the 21st Century

If you continue selling based on the traditional solution-selling of the 20th century,       then you:

  • are exploring opportunities based on how much your clients are willing to spend

  • are in line with what the clients are willing to obtain

  • act as a "pain killer"

  • target tactical problems your clients have

  • start with the "what" and then with the "why"

  • ask questions to identify needs

  • are reactive to clients' issues


if you are selling with the value-based mindset of the 21st century, then you: 

  • provoke with value-adding opportunities outside budget constraints

  • challenge and exceed client expectations

  • apply "alternative medicine" practices to relieve "pain"

  • target strategic problems

  • start with the 'why' and then with the 'what' and the 'how'

  • build on insights to provoke response

  • proactive and assume a leading role


What to expect from the workshop

•Develop a growth mindset as a salesperson of the 21st century

•Sell your products and services from the client’s point of view

•Create a winning strategy for your next sales call

•Ask the right questions to uncover your client’s needs

•Deal with their concerns/objections with confidence

•Respond to different client profiles by adjusting your profile

•Apply tested techniques in closing the sales call

Day 1 (09:00-17:00)

•Introduction to the workshop-Expectations


•The challenges salespeople face today-from solution to value-based selling


•Meeting client expectations-How do we bridge the gap between “what we sell” and “what the client buys?” 


•Different client profiles and how to deal with them


•Preparing for the sales call from the client’s perspective


•Identifying clients’ needs-Asking the right questions


•Absolute and Desirable criteria-what role do they play in a the client’s decision to buy a bank product?


•Applications based on real-case scenarios

Day 2 (09:00-17:00)

•Handling clients’ objections today


•Handling reasonable and emotional objections


•Uncovering hidden objections- The “magic” of trial close


•Applications for based on real-case scenarios


•Adopting a growth mindset to overcome client uncertainty and procrastination


•Closing the sales meeting


•Building on our strengths-how can we apply our strengths in sales to be in a state of flow and increase our performance and sense of happiness?


Indicative Agenda