Business Meeting

A breakthrough coaching workshop to inspire your people to achieve excellent results

Develop your leadership skills in guiding your people at work, so that they become exceptionally competent at meeting their personal and company goals!


Team Talk

Master the art of presenting to your audience with confidence and credibility

Win your audience by applying proven public speaking techniques that make a difference. 

Appeal to all kinds of audiences by projecting the image of a talented communicator 

Convey your messages clearly, using words tone of voice and body language in a professional way


Business Partners at Work

Become confident in negotiations over issues of mutual benefit

Every negotiation method is judged objectively on the basis of three criteria:

  1. It must lead to a wise solution if there is one

  2. It has to be efficient

  3. And it has to improve or at least not worsen the relationship between the negotiating parties   

Roger Fisher & William Ury

 "Getting to Yes"


Customer Service Rep

Build an exceptional customer service culture in your organisation to win loyal customers for a lifetime

«Today’s clients have unlimited choices to buy the products or services they desire. In this highly competitive environment, organizations cannot succeed by adding value to their customers only – they must offer them a unique buying experience that will make them want to buy again and again and, above all, almost never think of turning elsewhere.»

The Customer Service Training Institute


Go Team

How to pull down distance barriers and achieve common strategic objectives

Leading virtual teams has always been a challenge. Whether it is the distance that separates the members of the team, cultural differences and often conflicting expectations and needs, leaders have to ensure all members are aligned with the common purpose.


Antique Garage Sale

A breakthrough customised program of Change - To - Be Ltd

The Academy is ideal for sales professionals and their managers, who want to build on their strengths and reach top levels of performance in sales and customer service. Designed and delivered by experienced professional trainers, the Academy offers state-of-the-art training and development workshops, delivered in a modular scheme. Drawing from our participants' experience in the field, we set challenging goals for improvement in an engaging and highly interactive environment. Oh, and one last thing...this is not an academic program; it is a hands-on, skills-building, sales and customer service performance booster!