With You Every Step of the Way



Discover yourself. Raise your awareness, accept yourself and set up goals that you would like to achieve through talking therapy. 

This service is ideal for all people. Face to face (only in London and Greece) or remote we will be there for you to create a safe and positive environment so that you can explore, develop and achieve your goals.


Depression and anxiety are amongst the leading causes that affect the health of individuals. Global bodies such as the World Health Organisation estimates that depression and anxiety affect the global economy by approximately one trillion US dollars. Furthermore, the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executive has suggested that work – related stress, depression and anxiety has increased in recent years. 

At Change to Be we are here to support the staff with either personal issues or work – related ones that affect their wellbeing, performance and holistic health. Our programme includes a thorough assessment of the individual’s needs followed by short term counselling. Certain individuals might need further referrals towards long term work.

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